Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gonna have to apologise for this.

Alright, ive been STUPID addicted to Portal2 past few days so thats the reason for not posting anything.... at all.

And Im still deeply addicted so this post is going to be rubbish also.

So I pose a simple question:

Coke or Pepsi?

Im 100% Pepsi myself, love the stuff.

Okay, I PROMISE my next post will be slightly more insightful and worth reading.


  1. Always a tough decision. And I generally always agree with the arguments from both sides. Right now though, I really feel like a Pepsi. Refreshment to the max.

  2. coke but i dont care usualy

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  4. used to be Coke without question and Coke Zero for the diet alternative but I've pretty much totally switched to Pepsi Max.

  5. Coke all the way. Theres a farmfoods over the road from where I work that 5 cans of Pepsi for a quid, tastes well weird though.