Monday, 11 April 2011

New mix from myself!

EZC - Pancake Mix 004 - Easter Mix by E Z C

Easter mix from myself, recorded in 1 session from two turn tables and a
mixer, a bunch of vinyl and some cheeky serato for good measure.

Sorry about the hiccups, not mixed since December so i've been a bit shady,
but hey - it prooves i'm doing it live, right?


Hardive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Remix)
Boddika - Electron
Instra:mental - Voyeur
Blawan - Bohla
Joy O - Wade In
Midland - Deadeyes
Rodd Lee - Let me see what U working with (Pearson Sound Remix)
Boddika - Warehouse
o101 - FizzyNose
o101 - Video Machine
French Fries - Laquisha (Ft Taiwan)
Ill Blu - Overdose
Julio Bashmore - Ask Yourself (Midland Remix)
Instra:mental - When I dip
M.I.A - It takes a muscle (Pearson Sound Remix)
??? - Villalobos for Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
??? - Loss
Julio Bashmore - Ribble To Amazon
Addison Groove - Work It
Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP
XXXY - Ordinary Things
Breach - Fatherless
Gel Abril - Spells of Yoruba (Kaytronic Remix)
Ameria - One Thing (French Fries Remix)

Biggup for listening. - mah chewnz


  1. Track list looks great! Will have a listen when i'm off work.

  2. Tracklist looks big. Plus plenty of tracks I don't know. Checking it.

  3. Wow you sure did spend a lot of time on this and it shows. Good luck in your music. Following