Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring + Sun + Countryside + BMX = Awesome.

I love this time of year, and Summer. I also love where I live. 10/15 minutes from city center, but far enough out that the countryside is also only a ten minute walk/ride away.

I picked up a new value this past weeks: never complain about the warmth when I also complain about the cold.

In typical British fashion, everyones started to complain "Its too hot" - fuck that, I hate the cold so i'm making everything I can of the sun and warmth.

So from now on, I shall never complain about the heat. 

I also have a pretty awesome tan right now, u jelly?


  1. Heh, too hot. Try Spain: in the middle of the summer it gets too hot to walk barefoot anywhere outside. Love it, though!

  2. My brother's big into BMXing. Skateboarding was always my thing (even though I was never really that good).
    Though I will continue to complain about the heat. It's nice in moderation but it gets too hot, for too long.

  3. jelly! just entering winter down here :(

  4. i dont think its possible to get 'too hot' in britain, its just some pasty mu' fuckers love complaining