Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ramadanman/Pearson Sound last night.....

So last night I saw Ramdanman/Pearson Sound for the first time, in a darkly lit, small, quite cosey club. And it was off the hook.

People with questionable jaws, a dude doing the same motion for 3 hours straight, people knowing every drop, shit laser lighting, sweat dripping, rewind on Deep Inside, that messy girl on the table, bass heavy, groove loaded tunes, fucking SICK.

Oh yeh and I managed to take that hilarious picture of Ramadanman looking rapey as shit. We had prime position all night long.

So many new tunes played, and for once I wasn't drinking so I remember everything, intense. Many tunes went off so hard, and many tunes it was the first time i've heard played out. Woo Glut was incredible.

I could link so many other tunes but this'll do.


  1. Sounds rather large. Ramadanman is actually someone I really want to see. I think I need to see him play out to really 'get' his music. Something about it doesn't click with me just listening but I've heard other DJs play his tunes and they always get me dancing.

  2. yeh it was huge man. im a big fan of his recent style, but it did take me a while to "get" his older stuff, i have to admit.

  3. That picture is jokes!

    Can't wait to see the man next weekend. Can't even imagine how awesome it'll be.

  4. Who's the guy in the picture? he looks heated. ;)

  5. Think Rama is one of the only big'uns I havn't seen live nowadays. Gotta get on that!